• Pride of Calais: general view

    Pride of Calais: general view

  • Challenger 1.5KW Main Transmitter

    Challenger 1.5KW Main Transmitter

  • Marconi Oceanic Main Receiver

    Marconi Oceanic Main Receiver

  • Sentinel Reserve Receiver

    Sentinel Reserve Receiver

  • Salvor 4: Emergency Transmitter

    Salvor 4: Emergency Transmitter

  • DS100: WHF radio

    DS100: WHF radio

  • Auto-Key and Auto-Alarm Units

    Auto-Key and Auto-Alarm Units

  • Charging and Distribution panel

    Charging and Distribution panel

  • Station Control Panel

    Station Control Panel

The Pride of Calais was a cross channel car ferry, familiar to many on the Dover to Calais route. Her equipment shown here represents the ulitmate development of the traditional ship's radio room with banks of equipment operated by a qualified Radio Officer.
1980's Marconi Radio Room from the "Pride of Calais"
This Radio Room is maintained in working order and can be heard on the Amateur Radio Bands.